Designer of Pretty Pixels & Sensible Experiences

Hello, I'm Ben. I'm Design Director at Dialexa were I work along-side some of the world's most brilliant engineers building products that will change the world. I live in Dallas, TX with my lovely wife,Courtney and our dogWinslow.

My experience is rooted in the arts and technology, with a multi-disciplinary background which includes fine art, music, film-making, and design. During my career, I've had the pleasure of working for and with some great companies, including: ShopSavvy, GameStop, ParkHub, and NBC-Universal.

In a previous life I co-founded a production company and record label called A Silence Production. I've been involved in the production of numerous short films and music videos as well as released six albums under our label Murkville Music.

I spend my days working primarily in pixels, with the occasional print project, video, and cup of single-origin coffee.

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